Why we started…

happy birthday!!!

John Emry Sophie Mailey

So…this is Sophie here, there will most likely be two bloggers on this site, me and Lacy…but like i said, this is Sophie. I must first give massive credit to amy karol and her blog angrychicken.typepad.com…it was was through the reading of her blog and the inspiration of her craftiness i finally got the guts and discipline to create this long overdue blog/shop. Lacy is one of the most imaginative and go get em’ types i have ever met, i have long had ideas twirling around in my head without any sort of means to make them happen, then Lacy and I had babies, one right after the other and almost at exactly the same time…as we experienced motherhood together i began to seriously envy her ability to make and create what was in her burnt out, overloaded mommy mind. I felt trapped, i wasn’t really young anymore (im actually only 22) i mean, physically yes i was still very young, but with two kids under my belt and three plus years of wifey-ness and counting…i felt like i was suddenly at odds with myself. Here i was, young and definitely getting bored and wondering what i was missing out on by letting shut, that door of careerwoman, big business gusto, castrate the men mentality that i had favored for so long. Could I really “settle down”? Could i devote myself to the long ardurous task of raising children? loving my husband and creating a home? well…lacy inspired me to do just that, and to do it well…so this blog is my (our) journey, chronicling our lives as we move towards an older way of  being a housewife, as we try to revive the long lost art of “home-maker” and as we struggle and overcome all the hardships and trials an attempt like this creates in the world we live in now….enjoy!