About Sophie

Emry, John and Maileyanne

Emry, John and Maileyanne

So my name is Sophia Foley, I have been married to John Foley for almost four years (april 17th!!) and we have two wonderful little marvels, Emry and Mailey..Im a young lady  by anyones standards haha, 22..but I’ve endeavored on this quest of sorts to find a deep rooted satisfaction in devoting myself to being an excellent wife, a good mother, frugal, creative and able in most every sense of the word…basically, just to really become the sort of wife that homes were built on and thrived on and little girls loved to be in.

but about me…hmm…im half micronesian, half irish, i love love love Jesus..i belive in HIM like really believe in him, in fact this whole thing started because i came to the conclusion, the design is not flawed. We are intentionally and wonderfully made, and there is such a peace and satisfaction in resting in something like that..to know you have a purpose, that in fact, you are here ON PURPOSE. God has indeed set my life in motion and it is my task to continue a Godly momentum…easier said than done..believe you me 🙂


One thought on “About Sophie

  1. Beautiful!!! T’is true, the glory of being and knowing who made us and why we are here, discovering as we take each step, His plans, His kind intent, His sublime creativity in making something of our lives . . . and the loveliness of LOVE! Its all good in the hood. Happy New Year!!!!

    Mamacita Janita

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