Happy New Year :)

Lacy here…Warning…this is my first time putting my words into a blog. I’m afraid Sophia is a much better writer than I am. So here goes…

Every year I make a New Years resolution or two. I typically don’t write them down or even tell anyone. But this year is different. Yes, I will accomplish some goals this year!

1. First off…I need to finish what I start!!! I’m ALWAYS starting fun crafty projects (or cleaning projects for that matter) and never finish them! The first thing on my list is to finish the quilt I started for my grandma in 2006. It’s a cathedral window quilt with the ‘panes’ made of pieces of my grandpa’s shirts. He passed away summer of 2005, so I know my grandma would love to have this.

2. I need to get my home in better order (and I will be blogging about this alot in the near future!) I need to declutter, simplify and organize. Along those same lines I need to make a list of daily ‘chores’ for myself so I can keep my house ‘drop-in-visitor ready’ 🙂

3. Start on DIY Christmas gifts early! No more crazy late nights in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

4. Stop spending money on pointless (cluttering) junk! This will make my husband (and my bank account) veeeeeeeeery happy!

5. Of course, the obligatory weightloss resolution! I never drop all my baby weight while breastfeeding, so I need to go easy on myself…but I do want to drop those last few “Solly pounds” plus a bit more.


And here is my adorable excuse for the extra chunk around my midsection…