Coeur de Pirate (heart of a pirate)

pirateCommes des Enfants by Coeur de PirateMmm…this is my current musical obesession..the darling girl behind the band which is Coeur de Pirate is Beatrice Martin. Although i cannot understand a word, the lilting gorgeous melody and piano composition make me oh so very happy…i cannot explain..listen to her newest single, Commes de Enfants or watch the video here..she reminds me of kate…yeah Janet?



the ever growing "must haves"
the ever growing “must haves”

So… about a year ago I really started wanting to sew, like really really…I would go to sleep at night with little dresses and shoes, blankets and peasant tops dancing in my head…For christmas I got the raddest brother sewing machine a girl could ask for (thanks mom, dad, david, illy and ange!!) and i’ve begun collecting books here and there that are full of amazing patterns and ideas and mostly how to’s, and with Lacy teaching me I think i’ll really be able to see some fruit of all this studying!!!

on another note..we had a break in last night!! ack! I woke up for no good reason (mothers intuition) and just started walking down the hallway when I realized all the lights were on and the laundry room fan was  blasting away..of course i assumed John had for some reason left all this on before he went to bed (he stayed up till 1230 playing scrabble haha)…as I passed the bathroom I saw the light was also on and went in to shut it off and there was a man peeing in our toilet holding himself up on the counter…hmm…my first thought was “wow, John must be up and getting ready for work…” and exactly at the same time I thought “I just saw John asleep in my bed”…very disconcerting let me tell you. Im so proud I didn’t yell and startle the dude..I just booked it back to our room and flipped on the light (thus flipping out my husband ha) and told him there was a man in the house, to which his eyes grew bigger than big, and scooped our sleeping one year old off the bed and high tailed it to the nursery where our 2yr old was snoozing…John jumped into pants and stood at the door wondering how to confront said stranger, he handed me the phone and said “CALL SOMEONE!” haha, we were both so sleepy still, I called 911 and commanded the poor lady to hurry the heck up..John told dude to leave, then realizing he was extremely drunk realized he probably wasnt very coordinated or threatening and got closer and after freak asked my husband “whats up?” a million times he finally left..but! The police were on their way, so John went outside to see where he went and he was at our neighbors attempting to break in there!! fast forward..he got arrested, they found a knife in his pocket, we pressed charges, and John and I havent slept since! whee!!! actually it was somewhat amusing after the whole ordeal, but mostly incredibly see a complete stranger inyour HOME, one room away from your sleeping that was weird for sure.